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It is vain to insist that what we are aiming at is good and what our adversaries want is bad. Production takes precedence over all considerations; and instead of serving man, it eventually makes man a slave. "A system has been constructed which considers profit as the key motive for economic progress, competition as the supreme law of economics, and private ownership of the means of production as an absolute right that has no limits and carries no corresponding social obligation.

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Robert Anton Wilson, in Everything Is Under Control : Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups (1998), p. 361 A totalitarian philosophy of government that glorifies the state and nation and assigns to the state control over every aspect of national life. The name was first used by the party started by Benito Mussolini, who ruled Italy from 1922 until the Italian defeat in World War II , source: Comparative Democratic read online Nevertheless, ideologies have a self-reproductive power. They are often partially espoused by more loosely integrated circles, particularly when the ideology itself has moved into a condition of disintegration They Must; or God and the Social Democracy: a Frank Word to Christian Men and Women They Must; or God and the Social. Ideologies by their nature do not avert violence, they fuel it. If we have to embrace ideologies, we should embrace only those that accept – in theory and practice – the inviolability of the sanctity of human life. The quality and relevance of a doctrine must be judged against this singular moral principle. An ideology that stifles freedom of speech, suspends human rights and imposes an arbitrary application of law is an anathema to human progress and a recipe for violence ref.: Muslims in Indian Democracy read online read online. Socialists, they said, should expect nothing from electoral victories and the support of majorities; they should not adopt bourgeois methods but strive unswervingly for revolution , e.g. Political Participation PUBLICATION CANCELLED: Citizens and Politics in Western Democracies (Political Analyses) To become a law it must go to the president for the final stage. 15. Analyze the importance of committees and subcommittees with particular focus on their chairs and the process by which they are chosen, especially the impact of seniority. 16. Explain why so many congressional incumbents win epub. Our liberty requires that they are restrained from encroaching upon our freedom, and inturn their liberty requires that they are safeguarded from us. Liberals have traditionally believedthat such protection can only be provided by a sovereign state, capable of restraining allindividuals and groups within society Democracy & Education: Collected Perspectives 2014 (Volume 1)

What is the true and original root of Dutch aversion to British rule? It is the abiding fear and hatred of the movement that seeks to place the native on a level with the white man … the Kaffir is to be declared the brother of the European, to be constituted his legal equal, to be armed with political rights , source: Visualized American Government Constitutional Government and Problems of American Democracy; (Revised Edition) The earliest known attribution of this to Churchill appears to be in Plain Words (1948) by Sir Ernest Gowers, who writes: It is said that Mr. Winston Churchill once made this marginal comment against a sentence that clumsily avoided a prepositional ending: "This is the sort of English up with which I will not put" Nations in Transit, 1999-2000 read online Thus, for Wolff, beauty corresponds to objective features of the world, but judgments of beauty are relative to us also, insofar as they are based on the human faculty of sensibility ref.: Activities of Ku Klux Klan download here

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Humanity's Gain From Unbelief

Thus, a program stands midway between an ideology and a prevailing outlook or a creed; it can be reached from either direction (and testifies thereby to the affinities between ideologies and outlooks and creeds) , e.g. The Public Side of download pdf Habermas seems to regard these perspectives, taken together, as constituting the pragmatic idea of cogency: “at no single one of these analytic levels can the very idea intrinsic to argumentative speech be adequately developed” (TCA 1: 26) ref.: Democratic Faith (New Forum Books) POG 100: Introduction to Politics and Governance, Section 1/2/3/4 F2007 • • • • Review: Political regimes Approaches to the Study of Politics Ideas and ideologies Film: The Prophets and promise of Classical capitalism • • • • • • • • • Ideology: As a system of ideas or beliefs that guide political action As society defined ideation structures Ideology implies a union of ideas and power Ideas come from political thinkers most of who have not been active in politics but whose ideas influence political movements , cited: The Challenge of Democracy, Texas Edition read online. What has never in fact been clear in conservative thought is how one can decide which groups incarnate continuity ref.: Retrieving Democracy: In download pdf Despite this total-democracy culture,democrats often claim that living in a democracy is equivalent to 'freedom' - usually meaning political freedom. The classic example is again the Freedom House annual survey, which claims to show how many countries are 'free'. It is often quoted in the media as factual truth, without any further analysis Democracy and the Nations; I promise to educate myself so I can make my own judgements.’ I also wish that the Pledge of Allegiance were directed at the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as it is when the President takes his oath of office, rather than to the flag and the nation. When we consider the founders of our nation – Jefferson, Washington, Samuel and John Adams, Madison and Monroe, Benjamin Franklin, Tom Paine and many others – we have before us a list of at least ten and maybe even dozens of great political leaders The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny & Terror The Case for Democracy: The Power of.

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When one wants to unify the whole world in the name of an ideology, there is no other way but to make this world as fleshless, as blind, and as deaf as the ideology itself Employment and Participation: Industrial Democracy in Crisis Employment and Participation: Industrial. Moreover,he accepted that for subject peoples national liberation is a precondition for socialist revolution, astance reflected, for instance, in his support for Polish and Irish independence , e.g. Democracy Versus read epub The shift away from war spending would improve our quality of life and lead to a healthier overall economy. [I would much rather use the money saved to pay for voluntary sterilizations of the welfare class, or more specifically anyone with a low IQ , e.g. EDUCATING ALL OUT CHILDREN: AN IMPERATIVE FOR DEMOCRACY As the anticipated assault on the country's national culture gets underway, journalist and activist Igor Stokfiszewski of Krytyka Polityczna considers the threat that this blinkered approach poses to the vibrancy and diversity of grassroots cultural initiatives. [ more ] Security Carl Henrik Fredriksson considers the rather misguided notion that Russia under Vladimir Putin may have become a threat to security in Europe The New Bossism of the American Left download for free. But the matter at hand is a question not of good will but of good policy. President Bush and the neocons make a strong case that Iraq is important to America's own security, but the case for toppling Saddam was much stronger than the one for staying indefinitely to buy time for the Iraqis to democratize , source: The Politics of Turkish Democracy: Ismet Inonu and the Formation of the Multi-Party System, 1938-1950 (Suny Series in the Social and Economic History of the Middle) I would like to see more employee owned companies, but this is not a departure from free market principles but an expansion on available types.] There are also the examples of "lemon socialism," in which governments in capitalist countries have taken over ailing private industries and nursed them back to health, testimony to the comparative capacities of private and public capital online. A memorable definition of this process came from Subcomandante Marcos at the Zapatista-sponsored Encuentro Intercontinental por la Humanidad y contra el Neo-liberalismo (Inter-continental Encounter for Humanity and Against Neo-liberalism) of August 1996 in Chiapas when he said: "what the Right offers is to turn the world into one big mall where they can buy Indians here, women there ...." and he might have added, children, immigrants, workers or even a whole country like Mexico." An important statement of this view came from British Marxist historian Timothy Mason, who was a specialist on the working class under Nazism. In his 1966 essay, “The Primacy of Politics,” Mason argued that “both the domestic and the foreign policy of the National Socialist government became, from 1936 onwards, increasingly independent of the economic ruling classes, and even in some essential respects ran contrary to their interests.”7 In Mason’s view, the representatives of capital handed state power to Hitler in the mistaken belief that they would be able to retake it once the Nazis had crushed the left and restabilized civil society Unfinished Business: Democracy read for free It is absolutely obvious that God is not sovereign in this sense and that only people can be and are sovereign, since only to them belongs ultimate coercive force i.e. Only their 'word is law' in the politically ultimate sense 49 Labor, Defense, and Democracy download online.

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